InfiRay Outdoor Introduces the HYBRID 75 Multi-function Thermal Weapon Sight with Free Laser Rangefinder Promotion
February 26, 2024

(Lewisville, Texas) iRayUSA, the United States Distributor of InfiRay Outdoor thermal optics, introduces a new addition to the HYBRID line of multi-function thermal weapon sights, boasting a 75mm objective lens, 4× base magnification, custom reticles, and onboard ballistics.

The InfiRay Outdoor RICO HYBRID fuses the capabilities of a thermal clip-on and a thermal weapon sight to create a new breed of thermal device. The HYBRID gives you never-before-seen versatility and performance, boasting a 3,600 yard detection range as a dedicated thermal sight, or compatibility with day optics up to 10× as an inline clip-on sight. The combination of the HYBRID’s low-distortion orthoscopic eyepiece and a 1.03-inch large-format 2560×1920 display provides comfortable viewing as a dedicated sight while still maintaining the pixel density and resolution for use as a clip-on optic.

The HYBRID also unlocks advanced features such as compatibility with a 1,000 yard laser rangefinder, As a special introductory offer, purchasers of the HYH75W are eligible for to receive the ILR-1000-2 Laser Rangefinder for free after registering their HYBRID sight (for warranty purposes) and completing the LRF Request form. To learn more about this program see the HYBRID 75 Free LRF Overview Flyer.

Last year, iRayUSA announced the HYBRID 50mm (HYH50W). This year, the HYH75W builds on the original design, with the addition of a flat dark earth ceramic finish, and 75mm objective lens that provides a 4× optical base magnification and increased detection range. Digital zoom up to 32× enables shooters to stretch the HYBRID out to longer distances. For predator hunters in open country, the long range and ballistic capabilities of the HYBRID 75mm are a drastic improvement to the world of 640 resolution thermal weapon sights.

Announced at the 2024 SHOT show, the HYBRID 75 is now available and shipping to dealers with a retail price of $7,999. “The HYBRID 75 is the go-to option for night hunters looking to stretch out to greater distances,” said Pliny Gale, iRayUSA Director of Marketing. “This model incorporates features of industry-leading RICO HD (RS75) and the proven HYBRID 50mm. While most shooters will use this as a dedicated weapon sight, the ability to use the HYBRID as a thermal clip-on allows it to do double duty and do some work on an additional rifle.”

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iRayUSA is the United States distributor of InfiRay Outdoor thermal night vision devices. InfiRay Outdoor is the world’s leading manufacturer of thermal sensors and thermal optics with over one-hundred patents and the first commercially available 1280 resolution thermal weapon sight. Established in 2020 by thermal industry experts with more than a decade of experience, iRayUSA serves as the US sales, marketing, support, and distribution headquarters for InfiRay Outdoor thermal weapon sights and thermal monoculars. With a staff of experienced night hunters, iRayUSA understands the needs of the customer and is proud to offer the best warranty and support in the thermal optics industry.

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