Realtree JAG Feeders Provide Exceptional Value and Top Quality
September 11, 2023

The new patent-pending Realtree JAG (Just Above Ground) Feeders, available at, are designed for simple use and consistent results. These affordable, easy-to-use feeders attract and hold game animals on your property, increasing your odds for success when the season arrives.

The JAG 50 can hold 50 pounds of feed, while the JAG 150 offers room for 150 pounds of feed.

The JAG feeders keep corn, protein pellets, attractants, and many other products off the ground and dry, reducing spoilage and waste. The versatile feeders cater to a wide range of wildlife feeding needs, accommodating different types of feed for different regions.

Easy to set up and use, the feeders are designed for hassle-free operation.

Realtree JAG Feeders provide exceptional value in a competitively priced product without compromising on top-notch quality.