InfiRay Outdoor Infrared Laser Rangefinder Modules Now Available with Special Promotion
November 20, 2023

iRayUSA, the United States Distributor of InfiRay Outdoor thermal optics, celebrates the availability of the Infrared Laser Rangefinding Modules for the BOLT and HYBRID series with a special dealer promotion, November 15th through December 31st, 2023, while supplies last.

During the promotional time period, each HYBRID 50mm (HYH50W) sold will include a free ILR-1000-2 rangefinder (IRAY-AC82) and each BOLT 50mm (TH50CV2) purchased will include a free ILR-1200-1 rangefinder (IRAY-AC80). Dealers will be authorized to bundle the optics with their respective rangefinders together, or sell them separately, according to their business needs. This promotion represents added retail value to iRayUSA dealers.

The InfiRay Outdoor ILR-1200-1 (IRAY-AC80) Infrared Laser Rangefinding Module seamlessly integrates with BOLT V2 and BOLT SE Series thermal rifle scopes through a wireless connection. This advanced module eliminates the need for guesswork in range estimation, offering precise results day or night. With a range accuracy of +/- 1 yard out to 1,200 yards*, the ILR-1200-1 overlays these results on the display of a connected BOLT Series rifle scope.

The InfiRay Outdoor ILR-1000-2 (IRAY-AC82) Infrared Laser Rangefinding Module enhances precision shooting with thermal optics, seamlessly integrating with HYBRID Series thermal weapon sights via USB-C. Additionally, the ILR-1000-2 integrates with the HYBRID's onboard ballistic solver by providing real-time range data to display a firing solution on a custom drop-compensating reticle. Featuring a compact and lightweight machined aluminum housing, the module is securely mounted with a quick-detach mechanism that ensures repeatability and easy operation, even with gloves. This integrated system allows users to observe, range, and adjust for bullet drop seamlessly, regardless of lighting condition.

“Since the launch of the BOLT TH50CV2 and the HYBRID, the rangefinders for these advanced thermal weapon sights have been highly anticipated,” said Pliny Gale, iRayUSA Director of Marketing. “We are celebrating the availability of these units with a high-value dealer promotion that helps ensure that optics and their corresponding rangefinder modules are available through the same retailers. This provides value to participating dealers and an easy one-stop experience for customers who want the complete system.”

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