Ammo Load Worldwide Offering New Upgrades to Ammunition Loading Machinery
May 15, 2023

Popular MARK X machine features more enhancements

5/3/2023 Lewiston, Idaho: Ammo Load Worldwide, a division of Freedom Munitions, has developed several upgrades to the popular MARK X pistol ammunition loading machinery now available to commercial loaders.

These upgrades are custom offerings with the ability to add any or all to existing and new MARK X machines. Enhancements include features such a new slide mechanism for smoother operation as the cases move though the machine for projectile loading. A new bullet check can be incorporated into what is known as station nine, the last point where the bullet is loaded into the case. This check feature ensures a bullet was indeed loaded, improving overall inspections during mass production.

For machine maintenance and upkeep, Ammo Load offers a convenient central grease point installation, which allows the operator to preform necessary maintenance from just one point of the machine, saving on time and labor.

All Ammo Load pistol and rifle loading machinery is designed with the operator in mind. Particular attention to safety, convenience, and efficiency is reflected throughout. Built to meet specific loading requirements each machine is able to run many calibers and offers additional conversion kits, allowing operators to switch calibers as needed.

Also available for commercial use, Ammo Load machinery is used to manufacture all Freedom Munitions and LAX Ammo ammunition. For more information visit or contact Ammo Load at