Dead Ringer’s Butcher Broadhead Boasts Powerful Penetration
February 5, 2024

Minden, LA — The Butcher from Dead Ringer is built to knock down game and put meat on the table.

Two razor-sharp stainless steel blades and bleeders combine for more than 1.608 inches of total cutting surface to create devastating wound channels while penetrating through bone and tissue for pass-throughs. The blades can be resharpened to extend broadhead life, and a high-grade aluminum ferrule ensures long-lasting durability.

Engineered for perfect flight with both low- and high-kinetic energy setups, the 100-grain fixed-blade broadheads are an incredible value at just $29.99 for a three-pack.

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About Dead Ringer

Dead Ringer is operated by passionate and fanatical outdoor enthusiasts. The company is a leading manufacturer of archery, hunting, and shooting products, offering a comprehensive line of broadheads, sights, and other accessories. A veteran-owned business, Dead Ringer is a Rock Ridge Outdoors company. To learn more, visit

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