Bowhunter Education Opportunities in South-Central Montana
June 10, 2024

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks volunteer instructors have scheduled a Bowhunter Education course in Roundup June 20—23 and field day for online Bowhunter Education students in Billings June 29. Registration is open for both events.

To purchase a Montana bow-and-arrow license, a hunter must complete a certified Bowhunter Education course or show any prior year’s bowhunting license from another state or province. There are multiple options to complete Bowhunter Education depending on student age.

In-person, Instructor-led Course

In-person courses are taught by certified volunteer instructors who are passionate about preserving Montana’s hunting tradition, teaching archery equipment safety, ethics, and other outdoor skills. Students must be at least 11 years old for in-person Bowhunter Education. In-person classes are free.

Registration is currently open for an in-person Bowhunter Education course in Roundup. The course will take place on the evening of Thursday, June 20, Friday, June 21, and Sunday, June 23. For more information and to register for this course, visit:

Online and Field Day Combination Course

Students age 12 to 17 and students who will turn 12 by Jan. 16 of the current license year (March - Feb.) can take Bowhunter Education online but must also pass an in-person field day to be certified. Field day participants will be required to demonstrate proficiency in areas such as archery equipment and tree stand safety, hunting ethics and blood trailing in order to pass the field day. Field days are free and are led by certified volunteer instructors.

Registration is currently open for a Bowhunter Education field day for online students in Billings on Saturday, June 29. For more information and to register for this field day, visit:

Online-only Course

The self-paced online Bowhunter Education course is available for students age 18 and older. Once certified, graduates may purchase or apply for licenses. No in-person field day is required but FWP strongly encourages participation at an in-person field day. The online Bowhunter Education course costs $30 and is available here:

For more information on Hunter and Bowhunter Education in Montana, visit: This webpage will be updated as more Hunter and Bowhunter Education courses are scheduled around the state.