Bear Creek Arsenal Dual Chargers
May 15, 2023

Bear Creek Arsenal Dual Chargers

Why limit yourself on the range or on a hunt? Get the best shot with our dual-charging uppers and rifles! With the BCA dual charger, you can use the traditional rear handle or use the reciprocating side handle to charge the AR. These incredible uppers have our Gen 2 side charging ergonomically curved handle. The side charger functions as a brass deflector, forward bolt assist, and allows you to do a magazine change without lowering the rifle from your shoulder. When using a full-sized scope, you don’t have to reach under the scope for the charging handle. No matter which you prefer, the Dual Charging upper assembly has it!

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About Bear Creek Arsenal

Established in 2013, Bear Creek Arsenal® has quickly become a leader in affordable AR-15, AR-10, and AR-9 rifles and parts. With over 50 years of manufacturing and CNC experience, the founders of Bear Creek Arsenal® have always focused on producing high-quality, accurate, and reliable firearms for the everyday American. Manufacturing all key components in-house, in America allows Bear Creek Arsenal® to keep prices down while offering a huge variety of calibers and configurations for their customers.

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