February 26, 2024


BARNEVELD, Wis. - Struggling to find a red dot that works great on all your guns? Vortex® hears you.That’s why we’re excited to introduce the new Defender-ST™. It's the new all-purpose micro red dotdesigned for everything–from your handgun to your shotgun, paired up with a carbine, or piggybacked onyour AR’s LPVO.

Whether running drills at the range or meeting the demands of duty use, the Defender-ST™ is ready whenand wherever you are. Rugged and reliable? It’s a given. Large sight window? Absolutely. Motion-activation and a dot with adjustable brightness deliver superior target acquisition, adaptability in alllighting conditions, and faster follow-up shots. Other design benefits include:

7075 ALUMINUM SIGHT HOUSING for added strength and corrosion resistance

LARGE ASPHERICAL LENS for distortion-free sight picture and truer colors

ADVANCED SHOCKSHIELD POLYMER INSERT to protect against hard, daily abuse

FAST-RACK TEXTURED FRONT FACE that adds grip for racking slide

ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS for customizable illumination settings

10-MINUTE AUTO-SHUTOFF to preserve battery life

MOTION ACTIVATED for instant readiness when you need it

DELTAPOINT® PRO FOOTPRINT for versatile mounting on pistols, ARs, and shotguns

3 or 6 MOA red dot reticles available

Experience what shooters mean when they discuss the ideal, all-round red dot. With the Defender-ST™ (MSRP:

$469.99/MAP: $329.99), you're not just range-ready, but armored for the toughness and adaptabilityyour world demands.

Want a closer look? Watch this product overview video for a deeper dive into the rugged, versatile Defender-ST™ designed for handguns, ARs, and shotguns.

For a list of specifications, frequently asked questions and high-resolution images, checkout the Vortex New Product Portal.

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