More Optics Ready Revolvers from Taurus
February 5, 2024

January 2024, Bainbridge GA – One of the most common complaints about small, snub-nosed revolvers is that the sights are often difficult to see. In 2023, Taurus USA solved this problem with the introduction of the Taurus Optics Ready Option (T.O.R.O.) revolver series. Now, the line has expanded to include the potent 327 Federal Magnum chambering, in the new 327 Defender T.O.R.O..

327 Federal Magnum delivers terminal ballistics on par with 357 Magnum, but revolvers in 327 Federal Magnum can hold an additional round over similarly sized 357 guns. This additional capacity, plus the ability to safely fire 32 H&R Magnum, 32 Long, and 32 S&W makes the 327 Defender T.O.R.O. an extremely versatile choice as a carry gun.

Caleb Giddings, the General Manager of Marketing for Taurus USA had this to say: “As a die-hard revolver enthusiast and 32 caliber afficionado, this is basically the coolest CCW revolver ever. 6 rounds, small frame, great trigger, optics ready, and it’s double action only like every proper fighting revolver should be. If I could design a perfect every-day carry revolver I can’t imagine how it would be any different than this.”

The 327 Defender T.O.R.O. joins the family of T.O.R.O. revolvers that includes the 856 T.O.R.O., 605 T.O.R.O., Judge and Judge Magnum T.O.R.O. revolvers.

Learn more about the complete lineup of T.O.R.O. revolvers here: