Bear Creek Arsenal HuntMaster Giveaway
May 15, 2023

Bear Creek Arsenal has partnered with Sierra Ammunition and Shooting Targets USA to bring you the ultimate hunting giveaway!

Huntmaster .30-06 Right Side Charging Rifle

BCA Rifle Scope | 5-30 x 56

Sierra GameChanger .30-06 200rds

BCA Ammo Can

BCA 1.25" QD Mount

BCA 30-06 Bullet Pen

BCA Camo Field Notes

Shooting Targets USA: 16" Bullseye Gong 1/2"

Enter here: (End May 31st 2023, 11:59pm EST) Winner chosen 6/1/2023

About Bear Creek Arsenal

Established in 2013, Bear Creek Arsenal® has quickly become a leader in affordable AR-15, AR-10, and AR-9 rifles and parts. With over 50 years of manufacturing and CNC experience, the founders of Bear Creek Arsenal® have always focused on producing high-quality, accurate, and reliable firearms for the everyday American. Manufacturing all key components in-house, in America allows Bear Creek Arsenal® to keep prices down while offering a huge variety of calibers and configurations for their customers.

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