CARNIVORE Releases Issue 8
September 12, 2022

APPLETON, Wis. (September 6, 2022) – CARNIVORE Magazine, a publication of CMG West, LLC, has released its latest issue, number 8, with the latest in field-to-table products, personalities, recipes, and wild game hunting.

This issue of CARNIVORE hits newsstands just as many of us are thinking about putting away the fishing rods and either working on our archery form or checking the zero on our rifles. So, perfect timing then.

For our editor, Iain Harrison, this late summer period is one of intense anticipation, as the Arizona temperatures drop out of the triple digits and the mountains start calling their siren song. This year, the hunting gods smiled and there’s an elk tag for the Frank Church Wilderness with our editor’s name on it, so a couple of buddies, our camera guy, and he will be headed to Idaho. They’ll be dropping into the biggest wilderness area in the lower 48, inflating rafts and then floating one of the world’s best trout rivers in search of bear, wolf, and elk, with a side quest for small game and cutthroats. Or at least, that’s the reason they’re giving themselves for going.

But really, the biggest draw is the chance to disconnect, be completely self-reliant, and challenge ourselves physically and mentally. Our entire crew has been training for eight months for the event, and between gym sessions, range work, and shakedown trips to test ourselves and gear, we’ll probably have three times as much time invested in the preparatory phase than the actual event. Crazy? An outside observer might think so, but anyone who’s ever been blessed with a similar opportunity will no doubt understand.

While a wilderness hunt is both a landmark event and a major commitment, it really doesn’t matter whether your plans take you into the boonies or the back forty. The simple act of hunting for sustenance is a means of connecting with your food and the world that created it — something which is largely missing from everyday life and the presence of which makes us all richer as a result. So good luck this upcoming season. May the wind be in your favor, the skies clear, your campfire bright, and the stories memorable.

Inside this issue we also take the Nosler Model 21 to hunt axis deer in Hawaii, compare the latest in steak knives, go hunting for caribou in Greenland, discuss the some of the latest attempts to undermine bear hunting legality, and sink our teeth into some of the latest wild game recipes. There’s all this and a lot more on newsstands now.


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