The Armory Life Announces Fall 2023 Print Issue
September 11, 2023

GENESEO, ILL. (09/06/23) – The Armory Life is pleased to announce the release of the Fall 2023 issue of The Armory Life print magazine, featuring a cover story on the new Springfield Armory Echelon 9mm pistol. This quarterly print magazine complements the daily digital content available on

Since its launch more than four years ago, The Armory Life website has proven to be an outstanding resource for firearms-oriented content. It delivers exciting and in-depth daily posts created by some of today’s most respected experts in the firearms community. And with the launch of the full-color, 96-page quarterly print magazine in 2021, fans of The Armory Life were given an entirely new medium for consuming this content.

The Fall 2023 issue’s striking cover carries over to an in-depth review of the Echelon starting on page 14. This piece details all of its fascinating features, including the modular Central Operating Group (COG) chassis and the revolutionary Variable Interface System (VIS) for direct mounting more than 30 of today’s most popular red dot optics.

In addition, the issue is packed with a broad selection of additional informative articles. These include an interview with Dave Williams, Springfield Armory’s head of Research & Development; a piece by famed writer, director and actor Capt. Dale Dye on American armor in the Vietnam War; a review of the 9mm 1911 Operator; and much more.

The print magazine is designed to integrate closely with its digital sibling website, featuring easy-to-use QR codes throughout. Simply open up your camera app on your smartphone and scan the code, and you’ll be taken online to expanded content and video segments.

Recipients of The Armory Life print magazine are selected from Springfield Armory warranty registrants. Currently, these subscribers receive two-year’s worth (eight issues) of the magazine.

“This latest issue of The Armory Life print magazine continues the tradition of giving our readers access to a wide range of must-read content,” said Mike Humphries, editor-in-chief of the magazine. “With in-depth and varied articles penned by some of today’s top contributors and supported by high-quality art, we believe this is yet another must-read issue of The Armory Life print magazine.”

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