Code of Silence Releases Verdigre Collection of Hunting Clothing
November 21, 2022

Heartland, America – Code of Silence is excited to announce the official release of its Verdigre line of hunting clothing. The Verdigre series, like all gear from Code of Silence, features revolutionary technology that gives hunters the ultimate edge with their camouflage clothing. The most capable gear available for mid-season hunters, the Verdigre collection redefines functionality in hunting apparel.

“Mid-season hunters have never experienced a more capable line of clothing than the Verdigre line from Code of Silence,” says co-founder Ev Terrell. A seasoned vet in the hunting apparel space, Terrell continues, “Verdigre gives hunters something we’ve always been seeking but until now haven’t found, an apparel line that is comfortable and absolutely dead quiet.”

With initial availability in the form of a pant, hoodie, glove, and cap, the Verdigre series is incredibly versatile. These feature-rich garments are loaded with the latest technology without bulk or complication. Featuring a full Fleece-Wool construction, Verdigre offers breathability while active and warmth during colder, still hunts. And above all, it’s dead silent.

Find out more about Verdigre and explore other offerings from Code of Silence at

About Code of Silence

Founded in 2021, Code of Silence set out to redefine camouflage hunting clothing. With a focus on ultimate performance, providing hunters with the quietest, warmest, most capable camouflage available is what Code of Silence is all about. Operating in the Heartland of America, the company’s focus is a relentless pursuit of quality. From construction to fit, price to customer service, the team at Code of Silence accepts nothing but the best. That’s why gear from Code of Silence is the warmest, quietest, most concealing camouflage available.

Code of Silence: Embracing better. Unnoticed. Unheard. Absolute zero pressure.