MTM CASE-GARD Delivers the First Multi-Purpose MSR Stand
January 23, 2023

MTM Case-Gard is known throughout the hunting and shooting community for its simple, effective, and innovative solutions. For 2023, the company adds yet another "first" product that serves multiple functions for owners of modern sporting rifles (MSRs).

The ArmAR MSR Maintenance Stand offers two solutions in one.

First, the The ArmAR provides a simple way to manage AR-style rifles for cleaning and assorted DIY work and upgrades. Made of high-impact polyethylene, The ArmAR is a broad and stable platform with an integrated magwell mount that allows you to securely position AR-15s and AR-10s with DPM-S and SR25-sized magwells directly to the stand in an upright position. This places the rifle in an ideal orientation to mount optics, sights, and accessories to the upper receiver. With the upper receiver removed, The ArmAR offers upright positioning for installing aftermarket triggers, grips, or swapping butt stocks.

Included with The ArmAR is an AR link that attaches between the takedown pin and the upper receiver takedown pin lug. In this position, the upper receiver is in a muzzle-down attitude to facilitate bolt carrier group removal and barrel cleaning. Storage compartments built into The ArmAR are perfect for holding small parts so they don't roll off the work bench and for stowing cleaning supplies such as patches, brushes, jags, and chemicals. When not in use, a snap-on cover keeps contents secure.

Second, The ArmAR comes with a rubber shooting pad that installs onto the magwell block. In this configuration, the The ArmAR can be used as a rifle rest, providing ample clearance for use with 30-round magazines.

Finally, the clean design of The ArmAR allows it to serve as a display stand in any gun room or tactical shed.

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