X-Vision Optics Hiring for National Sales Manager
September 11, 2023

X-Vision Optics located in Red Wing, Minnesota, continues to offer practical, reliable, and affordable night vision and thermal optics that enhance your outdoor experience—day or night. X-Vision Optics is currently searching for a National Sales Manager.

The National Sales Manager will be the divisional P&L leader for X Vision Optics', ultimately driving business results and performance through product development, product strategy, and revenue generation that supports the annual operating plans and overall strategy of the business. This person will be responsible for all sales channels. They will lead all value-creation activities for this business unit and manage all assigned resources.

This role will be the front-line sales leader and business strategist; setting annual goals and budgets, then leading the internal sales team and external partners to ensure that those goals are met.

To learn more about the position you can find benefits, responsibilities, and more here: National Sales Manager.

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About X-Vision Optics

X-Vision Optics is located in Red Wing, Minnesota.?The owners grew up in the woods and on the waters of the upper Midwest and are passionate outdoorsmen who are excited to run a business in an industry they love.?At X-Vision Optics, we provide the highest quality of service and support to our valued customers. Our passion is to explore new realities and discover the unseen.

To learn more about X-Vision Optics Products, please visit https://xvisionoptics.com/ and follow us on Instagram. For all sales and marketing inquiries, please email support@xvisionoptics.com. For further more information on this job position, contact Chris Shimek, Owner, at chris.shimek@redwinggear.com or at 612-501-9336.