Baschieri & Pellagri Launches The "Next" Generation of Shotshells
January 23, 2023

January 2023– Baschieri & Pellagri USA, manufacturer of the world's premiere shotshells for sporting clays and hunting, gives competitive shooters a new generation in shotshell innovation with the NEXT line of shotgun ammunition.

An all-new B&P shotshell series, NEXT is loaded with the company's innovative Green Core wad. Crafted from 100-percent biodegradable materials, these wads are easy on the environment because they leave no particles or toxic residue and are field-proven to give shooters consistent, reliable performance. Developed in cooperation with national academic research institutes, the Green Core wad, in a pre-cut version, ensures ballistic perfection each time you pull the trigger.

NEXT shotshells with the Green Core wad are an optimal clay-smashing load coveted by shooters demanding compact and consistent patterns. The new shotshells come in 2 2/3-inch 12-gauge options and payloads of 1 ounce and 1 1/8 ounces paired with the Gordon System technology. Shot sizes #7 1/2, #8, and #9 are available, and B&P gives shooters 25 rounds per box.

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About Baschieri & Pellagri USA

Founded in 1885, Baschieri & Pellagri has led the world in shotshell ammunition innovation and quality standards for the hunting and competitive shooting segments and is the developer of the recoil-attenuating Gordon case. B&P shotshells have long held the industry benchmark for world-class competition and field sport performance.