CARNIVORE Releases Issue 7
January 4, 2022

APPLETON, Wis. (December 28, 2021) – CARNIVORE Magazine, a publication of CMG West, LLC, has released its latest issue, number 7, with the latest in field-to-table products, personalities, recipes, and wild game hunting.

Hopefully by now you’ve got an animal in the freezer. In this issue of CARNIVORE, we shift our emphasis to events after the hunt — after all, pulling a trigger takes less than a second, but the enjoyment of time afield lasts at least as long as the last meal on your plate, or the last package in the freezer.

So to help get the most from your harvest, we’ve got details on two time-tested methods of meat preservation that don’t rely on electricity and yet can be relied on not only to keep game meat ready for use, but add layers of complexity to its flavor and texture. We also have recipes from chef Cory Bahr and our own Margie Nelson who (naturally) filed her articles on the road back from deer camp. While we may not always be on time, we’ll always bring you stories that unapologetically embody the essence of this lifestyle.

I’m writing this editor’s note from a cabin in the woods, hunting public lands with three of my closest friends. One is a business owner from the UK, where both firearms and hunting opportunities are severely restricted, one is currently serving and has been at the tip of the spear for over 20 years, and one has built a winery from the ground up over the span of the past decade.

Each has a unique story, very different political views, and life experiences, and yet we’re all crammed into 150 square feet enjoying conversation, debate, food, and whiskey, brought together by the bonds of the hunt. None had met each other before, and you might expect guys from such different backgrounds to be hesitant about spending a valuable weekend away from families. And yet, the chance to spend cold, wet hours surrounded by hardwoods and wildlife was enough to get them to hop on a plane or truck. Hunting is the glue that binds, and there’s nothing closer to our core as humans.

Inside this issue we also review the Uberti Courteney rifle as well as give you tips on how to introduce newbies to hunting. We also have a buyer’s guide on hunting scopes, meals for backpacking, and general purpose fixed-blade knives. We also go hunting for buffalo in South Africa, teach you how to make your own sausage, give you a tutorial on canning meat, and take a look at Roamr, who is customizing some pretty awesome off-road vehicles. There’s all this and a lot more on newsstands now.


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