QuietKat E-Bikes Revolutionize Search and Rescue Operations
September 11, 2023

EAGLE, Colo. — QuietKat, a renowned trailblazer in the realm of electric off-road mobility, is reshaping the landscape of search and rescue (SAR) operations through their cutting-edge eBikes. These remarkable vehicles are helping to usher in a new era of agility, speed, and comprehensive coverage in remote and challenging terrains.

Key Advantages of QuietKat E-Bikes for SAR Operations:

Swift Response: QuietKat e-bikes outpace hasty hiking teams, effortlessly covering 2-4 times the distance. Their silent operation guarantees that searches can be conducted discreetly without alarming other hikers or wildlife.

Versatile Deployment: These e-bikes provide rapid access to areas conducive for searches, bolstering reconnaissance efforts and supporting safety education initiatives.

Increased Capacity: Every bike has the ability to carry much more weight for longer distances than on foot, or even with the assistance of a wheeled cart. QuietKat’s trailer systems offer even more advantages for speed and mobility when it comes to moving objects or people out of harm’s way.

QuietKat's innovation has garnered the attention of the esteemed Vail Mountain Rescue Group, which is currently testing these advanced eBikes in real-world scenarios. This collaboration highlights the practical applications and effectiveness of QuietKat's eBikes in challenging mountainous terrains.

With their commitment to innovation and quality, QuietKat has become the go-to choice for search and rescue teams across the country. Their eBikes provide a reliable and eco-friendly solution to enhance search and rescue efforts, enabling teams to respond swiftly and effectively in critical situations. QuietKat is honored to support these brave men and women who dedicate their lives to saving others and is proud to contribute to the success of their missions through their advanced eBike technology.

QuietKat was founded in 2012 by twin brothers Jake & Justin Roach in Eagle, Colorado, with the goal of helping people to enjoy the outdoors more quietly than other traditional motorized methods. QuietKat is now part of the Vista family of brands, which includes Fox, Camelback, Giro, Simms, Camp Chef and more. QuietKat has earned a reputation as a reliable and very rugged eBike built by outdoor enthusiasts, establishing them as the top trusted eBike brand in the country.

Contact QuietKat Marketing Director Michael Mayer for additional information @ Michael@quietkat.com or Justin Moore at jmoore@dangersoup.com for public and media relations.