Dead Ringer Super Freak Extreme
November 20, 2023

Minden, LA — Dead Ringer’s Super Freak Extreme mechanical broadhead is built to pair with today’s high kinetic energy bows and create devastating wound channels for short tracking jobs.

The Super Freak Extreme is constructed with two razor-sharp stainless steel blades and an aluminum ferrule with a front-deploy design for a ¾-inch cut on impact and a 2 ¾-inch exit wound that leaves massive blood trails.

Engineered to reliably perform up to 450 fps, the Super Freak Extreme boasts maximum penetration and field-tip accuracy. The 100-grain Super Freak Extreme is designed for vertical bows and crossbows and comes in a three-pack for just $44.99.

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About Dead Ringer

Dead Ringer is operated by passionate and fanatical outdoor enthusiasts. The company is a leading manufacturer of archery, hunting, and shooting products, offering a comprehensive line of broadheads, sights, and other accessories. A veteran-owned business, Dead Ringer is a Rock Ridge Outdoors company. To learn more, visit

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