FALCO Holsters Custom Colored Leatheris More Than Skin Deep
May 20, 2024

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – MAY 16, 2024 – FALCO Holsters, a global leader in crafting bespoke leather holsters, introduces a new level of holster personalization with Custom-Colored Premium Leather.

Katarína Zacharová, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at FALCO Holsters, explains, “Unlike surface-applied colors in traditional leathercraft, our coloring process is integrated into the leather tanning, ensuring vibrant hues that last a lifetime.”

She continued, “With an extensive array of colored leather and stitching options, the possibilities for customization are endless. Whether you want to match your holster to your custom firearm, alma mater colors, or favorite sports team, our craftsmanship brings your vision to life.”

FALCO Holsters Custom-Colored Premium Leather Tanning Process:

FALCO employs the wet-molding technique for leather tanning, immersing each holster in liquid dye multiple times while molding it around a gun-specific mold. Once molded and colored, the holster undergoes a proprietary impregnation process involving high-quality vegetable oils and color before lacquering for a flawless finish. Click here for a video reflecting FALCO’s coloring and lacquering.

FALCO Holsters Craftsmanship

Every FALCO Holsters product is meticulously crafted in-house by experienced craftsmen and women. Laser-cut full-grain Italian leather is tailored to individual specifications, ensuring precision and quality. With a 10-day production lead time, stringent quality checks, a 30-day Buyback Guarantee, and a Lifetime Limited Warranty, FALCO ensures customer satisfaction. Click here to see how FALCO’s leather is custom-molded.

FALCO Journey Through Choices

  • Vibrant leather colors and stitching options
  • Leather colors: black, mahogany, brown, orange, red, blue, pink, green, purple, teal blue
  • Stitching colors: black, brown, contrast (white), blue, green, yellow, red, grey, light brown, white
  • Edge colors: black, brown, blue, grey, light green, dark green, yellow, cream, red, pink, light brown, purple, teal blue
  • Emboss initials with up to 5 letters on each side of the holster
  • Laser engrave your favorite logo or design
  • Wide selection of OWB, IWB, or shoulder carry holsters
  • Custom-fit for more than 4,000 firearms
  • Holster built around accessories including laser, light, or optics
  • Choose cant based on your preferred carry-o’clock
  • Prioritize your combat grip for the fastest draw or add trigger coverage for safety
  • Customize belt loop widths to prevent sliding on your belt
  • Pick the height of your sweat guard to match your body type
  • Add a suede lining inside the holster to protect your gun’s finish

“Visit the FALCO Holsters landing page, ‘Where Precision Meets No Compromise,' to learn more about customizing your holsters,” Zacharová suggested.

For more information or to order your custom Premium Leather Holster, visit FALCOHolsters.com. Follow on social media on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and X.

For a collection of high-resolution product and lifestyle images of Custom-Colored Premium Leather FALCO Holsters designs, click here.

Contact Vice President of Sales and Marketing Katarína Zacharová at katarina.zacharova@falcoholsters.com to learn more about becoming a trusted FALCO Holsters retailer.

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FALCO Holsters

About FALCO Holsters, The Gun Holsters Company

FALCO Holsters epitomizes the perfect blend of modern innovation and traditional craftsmanship in handmaking custom handgun holsters, bags, and EDC accessories. Established in 1989, the FALCO brand has evolved from its beginnings in a small rural garage in Slovakia, initially producing leather falconry gloves, to a state-of-the-art workshop delivering a diverse range of premium leather holsters and everyday carry essentials to individuals, law enforcement agencies, and military units worldwide. Utilizing only the highest quality European and U.S. materials, FALCO maintains a steadfast commitment to quality while embracing a personalized approach to each product. Every item is designed and meticulously handcrafted in Slovakia. The village, nestled amidst the breathtaking Štiavnica Mountains, is rich with history and natural beauty and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. FALCO’s skilled artisans exemplify precision and dedication, ensuring that each product meets discerning patrons' exact specifications and preferences. Driven by a commitment to customer satisfaction, FALCO Holsters offers an extensive selection of customization options. Coupled with a lifetime warranty and expedited international FedEx shipping, this dedication guarantees unparalleled service and superior quality.

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