Baschieri & Pellagri USA Gives Waterfowlers a Double Threat
January 23, 2023

January 2023 – Baschieri & Pellagri USA, manufacturer of the world’s premiere shotshells for sporting clays and hunting, gives duck and goose wreckers two new top-tier shotshell options that promises to hit hard and fold fowl in an instant—Dual Steel and Dual Bismuth.

The new Dual Steel shotshell combines two overlapping layers of top-end steel pellets (steel and plated steel) of different sizes to maximize pattern effectiveness from standard and external choke tubes for long-range killing power. Dual Steel is available in 3-inch, 12-gauge #2 + #3 shot in 1 1/8- and 1 1/4-ounce payloads.

The equally new Dual Bismuth shotshells use pellets that are denser than lead but softer than steel, which means undeniable penetration and maximum energy transfer. With two shot sizes stacked together yet delivering homogeneous shot patterns, migrating fowl don't stand a chance. Dual Bismuth is available in 2 3/4- and 3-inch, 12-gauge filled with #3 + #4 shot in payload offerings of 1 1/5 and 1 1/4 ounces.

Dual Steel and Dual Bismuth feature B&P's tried-and-true GreenCore Wad—designed to protect the barrel and ensure maximum performance no matter the environmental conditions. GreenCore is a 100-percent biodegradable wad that leaves behind no particles or toxic residue.

B&P has built its reputation on giving competitive shooters and hunters the very best ammo, and the new Dual Steel and Dual Bismuth lines take this renowned quality and performance to the next level.

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About Baschieri & Pellagri USA

Founded in 1885, Baschieri & Pellagri has led the world in shotshell ammunition innovation and quality standards for the hunting and competitive shooting segments and is the developer of the recoil-attenuating Gordon case. B&P shotshells have long held the industry benchmark for world-class competition and field sport performance.