Prym1 Camo releases new OS camo
March 6, 2023

Introducing OS camo, Prym1 Camo’s latest pattern innovation that draws inspiration from those timeless, old school designs.

OS camo offers a fresh take on those retro designs featuring a blend of earthy pastel tones and angular shapes, whilst combining elements of our signature PRYM1 pattern to create a unique and stylish camouflage pattern.

The first release of the year for the PRYM1 OS family, will be in our OS Woods colorway.

As a turkey hunter, you know the critical importance of stealth & concealment when it comes to bagging that elusive gobbler. But blending in with the Spring woods, whilst also looking damn cool out of them, can be easier said than done.

That's where the new OS Woods pattern comes in - paying homage to the time-honored camo styles of yesterday and fusing them with the modern elements of our tried-and-true PRYM1 design to help you blend in, but stand out perfectly.

Not only is OS Woods highly effective, it's also unapologetically cool, making it a standout choice for any modern turkey hunter. You'll look as good as you feel, and you can 'strut' in confidence that you'll blend in perfectly with your surroundings too.

This spring, we hope our OS Woods pattern will become a part of your own hunting journey as you create new memories with family and friends in the spring woods for years to come.

More OS colorways coming soon.

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