Air Venturi Announces New Modular Air Rifle: Avenge-X
January 23, 2023

Cleveland, OH - Air Venturi introduces the Avenge-X, a modular PCP air rifle platform built to evolve as your needs do. Building on the success of the popular Avenger rifle, Air Venturi continues to bring high end features at a more affordable price point.

The Avenge-X launches with 8 different configurations, including classic synthetic and wood stocks, tactical and bullpup variants. "The beauty of the platform is that the same action can be made into any of the configurations in just minutes" says Air Venturi National Sales Manager, Scott Stevens. “Beyond that, the user can change calibers quickly and even switch between different air storage options.”

The rifle will be offered in .177, .22 and .25 calibers with either a 210cc air tube or 390cc carbon fiber bottle. At the heart of the rifle is an externally adjustable regulator, hammer spring adjustment and transfer port adjustment. "The power adjustment customers loved about the Avenger has been taken to the next level with the Avenge-X" according to President, Val Gamerman.

The rifle is side lever operated, utilizing either a magazine or single shot tray. The side lever is reversible, allowing for left handed shooters to operate the rifle with ease. A picatinny rail tops the breech block for mounting optics. Gamerman added, "We're confident the Avenge-X will appeal to Airgunners everywhere not only because of the modularity of the platform, but because it truly performs at a high level. That combined with the price point, there’s a lot to love with this rifle."

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