Rutted-Up’s Coliseum Blind is Optimized for Every Hunting Scenario
November 20, 2023

Cantril, IA – The Coliseum from Rutted-Up Blinds provides hunters with a stealthy yet comfortable setup to ambush bucks all season long.

Boasting a spacious 9-foot by 7-foot footprint, the Coliseum is engineered to keep you comfortable and provide plenty of shot opportunities in any hunting scenario. The 13 windows can lock out in any position and are 100% smoked but still provide a clear view, even in low light conditions.

Durable enough to last a lifetime and withstand heavy snow loads, the airtight Coliseum's roof measures approximately 2-3 inches thick with rigid insulating foam, while the floor insulation measures 4 inches. Fork pockets are integrated into the base, which attach to the floor of every blind, for safe and easy setup. The Coliseum’s steel exterior is finished in Mossy Oak Bottomland with 20-year fade resistance.

The interior walls are fully insulated with 1.5-inch rigid insulating foam and covered with premium automotive-grade sound deadening carpet. The blind’s ceiling features inch-thick sound-absorbing foam. The Coliseum’s shelves are constructed of formed steel, powder-coated, and finished with a layer of foam.

All Rutted-Up Blinds are available in three different sizes in nine configurations for gun only, archery only, or gun/archery combo with an interior height of 7 feet.

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About Rutted-Up Blinds

Rutted-Up Blinds started out as a dream and a concept. The company’s founders previously worked in the waterfowl industry but found their true passion to be whitetails. They analyzed the top blinds on the market to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses, then set out to develop the very best blind for deer hunters. They built several prototypes and put them through rigorous testing for two years before dialing in on the most innovative design for manufacturing. Rutted-Up Blinds is now synonymous with high-quality, user-friendly blinds that can endure abuse from both nature and hunters. To learn more, visit

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