Jargon Game Calls Releases a New Duck Call and Two New Short Reed Canada Goose Calls
October 12, 2021

The Wreckin’ Ball, Crazy Train, and Megaphore join company’s lineup of premium waterfowl calls

Searcy, Ark. – Jargon Game Calls today unveiled the latest additions to their line of premium waterfowl calls, The Wreckin’ Ball, Crazy Train, and Megaphore. The Wreckin’ Ball and Crazy Train are both designed to be operation-friendly while producing the entire vocabulary of the Canada Goose, including all subspecies. The new Megaphor produces the full range of duck calls, and with this call big things truly come in small packages as it is just a hair over 4” long in total length, making it the smallest call in the lineup. Look for the calls to be in use on upcoming episodes of Benelli’s “The Fowl Life”, hosted by Jargon co-founder Chad Belding, as well as on all social media platforms for Jargon and “The Fowl Life”.

As with all of their calls, they are precise, CNC turned, and hand-tuned. The designs are engineered with precise tolerances and zero room for errors. The calls are individually hand-tuned right in the Jargon shop and cleaned to perfection before being shipped to each customer. The calls will be offered this fall and winter in the highest of quality in acrylic. Colors in the custom acrylics will include black, white, orange pearl, and combinations of each. Jargon also has plans to release the goose call series in custom woods, with additional details to come.

“When I started call designing years ago, I strived to make the perfect call for truly any hunter and hunting scenario. I wanted a call that would have mega range on the top with a smooth transition between the feed chatter and the cadences. We wanted it to also produce a super ducky, low bottom end. After all, when you break the ducks, you still need to be able to finish them. Most of all I wanted it to be my number one call on my lanyard,” said Chris Cifreo, co-founder of Jargon Game Calls. “The key to being a proficient caller is having a call that offers the capability to produce the full range of a duck’s personal Jargon. Speak their language with our new Megaphor. You don’t necessarily have to be ‘on the x’ when you have a Jargon Megaphor in your hand.”

“We are so excited to re-release the Wreckin’ Ball Short Reed Canada Goose Call to the hunting community. We have not changed anything from the original design and it will again become the go-to favorite of thousands of goose callers across the country!” added Chad Belding, co-founder of Jargon Game Calls and Host of “The Fowl Life”. “The Wreckin’ Ball and Crazy Train are built for the serious Canada Goose Hunter with a wide range of sounds, volume, tone, and pitch giving the caller the ability to master the entire vocabulary and JARGON, if you will, of every subspecies of the powerful Canada Goose!”

For more information on Jargon Game Calls please visit www.jargongamecalls.com.


About Jargon Game Calls:

Jargon Game Calls are precise, CNC turned, and hand-tuned duck calls right here in Arkansas, USA. We provide hunters with a high quality, lifetime duck call. As duck hunters, we have our own Jargon. We use it to communicate amongst each other before the hunt, during the hunt, and after the hunt! “Get down”, “here they come”, “take ‘em”, “send the dog”, and “Nice Shooting Boys” are just some examples of Jargon being used on a daily basis among duck hunters. It doesn’t stop there though. In order to attain success in the Duck’s World, we need to be well versed in the JARGON of the wild duck. We have to entice them with our words, the passion in our calling, and the timing of our delivery. This is where JARGON GAME CALLS was brought into fruition!

About Chad Belding:

Born in 1974 in Reno, Nevada Chad Belding is a lifelong sportsman and outdoors enthusiast whose love of the lifestyle was instilled at a very young age by his father Orville Belding. Orville ensured that both Chad and his brothers Clint and Clay were encouraged to evolve an appreciation of the outdoors at every turn, teaching them to camp, hunt, fish, crawdad trap and even cut down their own Christmas trees. Their mother, Faith Belding, was with the family every step of the way. He is the host of “The Fowl Life”, as well as the co-founder of Banded, a video production and merchandising company that specializes in waterfowl hunting gear and accessories as well as a selection of turkey hunting products. Chad also hosts the podcast “This Life Ain’t For Everybody” podcast in, created in 2018.