The 2022 OMEGA III SIGHT has it all and is priced right
January 4, 2022

Lil Bow Peep, LLC is delighted to introduce the all new 2022 OMEGA III SIGHT now more advanced than ever before. As its predecessor, the Omega III Sight is a precision target-acquisition sight, boasting a smart rangefinder (up to 500m) and a HD Video recording feature capturing your shooting experience, all in one unit.

The new Omega III has a 5-mil dot independent, and fully adjustable reticle system that provides custom yardage selection with any speed crossbow, any shotgun, or rifle. One can select and place each dot at any yardage that one chooses, and move the dots laterally as well, for fine precision tuning. “This new system is a game changer,” says President and CEO Tim Barber, “as each dot represents the preferred yardage selection that one desires.”

Coupled with this, is the new LCD 5-position dimming feature for those concerned with being backlit in the blind. The new Omega III also has an integrated True Distance Calculator (inclinometer) for angle compensation when shooting from elevated positions, such as a tree stand. It’s new instant playback feature gives the shooter a quick review of their shot placement with just a push of the button.

Omega Sights realized that the 90-second continuous-ranging rangefinder in the Omega can deplete the battery with ongoing use, and now includes a 12-hour Rechargeable Supplemental Power Bank with your Omega III purchase. This included accessory fits conveniently onto any Omega Sight model and is no larger than a credit card, weighing merely 2 oz. Worries of having extra batteries for power depletion will no longer be a concern with the newly included Power Bank.

This year’s model will feature a newly advanced rigid mounting bracket system that will accompany the Omega III Sight, offering enhanced stability and precision adjustments for target acquisitioning. The new 2022 Omega III Sight will come complete with a 32GB micro-SD card, two 3-volt batteries, a two-button remote control, sunshield, anti-glare LCD screen, and will weigh a mere 13oz. Its compact size is just 5.75 in. long X 2 in. wide 2.5 in. high and is ready to install on any Picatinny or Weaver rail system.

The Omega III Sight will retail at a MAP price of just $499 and is available starting January 1, 2022. For those seeking a more affordable option, the Omega II Sight also a Sight/Rangefinder/HD Video Recorder with the 5-reticle scale options is available at just $399.

The Company’s newest accessory is a result of recognizing that many crossbow users are seniors and have degenerative visual challenges, some bearing reading glasses to see their sight. Omega Sights developed an advanced technological collimating unit, called the “Clarity Lens” that adapts to all present and past Omega models and removes the struggle of having to bear reading glasses or “cheaters” for viewing. Whether farsighted or nearsighted, the new “Clarity Lens” addresses one’s visual needs. This accessory will retail for just $99 and simply attaches and detaches as needed.

For more information on the Omega III Sight and all the useful accessories, visit or email