Steambow Partners with Black Rambo
September 11, 2023

Denver, CO Steambow is excited to announce it has partnered with Black Rambo.

A U.S. veteran, firearms expert, and influencer, Black Rambo produces informative and entertaining content as he tests gear and shares tactical tips. In collaboration with Steambow, Black Rambo will fire high-end archery products and introduce a new audience to the revolutionary tech behind the company’s unique lineup.

“We’re long-time fans of Black Rambo and his videos that make the shooting sports more accessible to people of all walks of life,” said Gerald Missbach, CEO & Co-Founder of Steambow. “We’re thrilled to work with someone of Black Rambo’s impressive background and look forward to a productive partnership into the future.”

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About Steambow

Steambow is an Austrian manufacturer of high-end archery products. The company’s AR-6 Stinger II Tactical and Compact modular crossbows as well as the Fenris magazine for compound bows have revolutionized the archery world and allow shooters to achieve incredible accuracy with minimal training time. Steambow remains committed to making bows and crossbows more fun and usable to a wider audience and is dedicated to product quality and customer satisfaction. Our engineering team only utilizes the highest quality materials, and all of our products have a large array of accessory options.

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