Victory Archery Continues Partnership with The Edge
October 12, 2021

Victory Archery™ is happy to announce it has renewed its partnership with The Edge for the show’s 12th season. Each episode, the hosts trek through treacherous country in pursuit of trophy big-game animals across North America, from bighorn sheep in the Rockies to caribou in arctic regions.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at record-book game demands the very best bowhunting gear. As The Carbon Arrow Experts™, Victory Archery delivers the most dependable performance and high-quality construction of any arrow ever built.

“We’re excited to continue working with The Edge team as they push their personal limits and chase some of the biggest game throughout the continent,” says Jayson Bentcik, National Sales Manager at Victory Archery. “We’re honored to partner with hunters who earn their success with passion and hard work.”

About The Edge

The Edge follows a group of die-hard hunters as they chase big-game trophies throughout North America. New episodes will air on the Wild TV Network.

About Victory Archery

Victory Archery is a team of archers, aerospace engineers, hunters and target shooters who each hold the highest standards in their disciplines. This has allowed for the melding of technology and innovation creating cutting edge hunting and target shooting arrows. Victory’s parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical America, is one of the largest manufacturers of carbon fiber in the world with manufacturing and research facilities distributed across the United States. This vertical integration gives Victory engineers direct access to the highest-grade carbon fiber technology available and gives hunters as well as target archers alike access to the most high-performance arrows ever produced. With precision engineering and infrastructure from one of the world’s largest carbon manufacturers behind Victory, it’s no wonder they are globally recognized as The Carbon Arrow Experts. Explore the product line and technology at: