Bear Creek Arsenal Side Chargers Patent Protected
September 11, 2023

Bear Creek Arsenal has been pushing the limits of innovation on the AR design by implementing improvements to the mil-spec rear charging handle of the M4 carbine with side charging and dual charging handle options. Bear Creek Arsenal is proud to announce that our side charging handles are now patent protected. Our side-charging ARs are typically right-side charging and right-side ejecting, but we also offer left-handed options as well. The side charger ARs can be charged directly from the shoulder and clears the possible issue of the optic getting in the way like rear chargers can have. Many people love the look and feel of a side-charging AR as they mimic the AK47 but offer better accuracy and versatility. Many firearm enthusiasts love the ergonomics of a side charger and find the larger handle easier to manipulate than a traditional charging handle. Our side chargers do not feature a forward assist; this is because it is not needed as the handle acts as a forward assist if necessary. These are fantastic innovations that have a unique look and feel to them that many users fall in love with from the handle, BCGs/combos, uppers, and rifles!

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About Bear Creek Arsenal

Established in 2013, Bear Creek Arsenal® has quickly become a leader in affordable AR-15, AR-10, our proprietary Rimfire ARs, PCCs, HuntMaster, and parts. With over 50 years of manufacturing and CNC experience, the founders of Bear Creek Arsenal® have always focused on producing high-quality, accurate, and reliable firearms for the everyday American. Manufacturing all key components in-house, in America allows Bear Creek Arsenal® to keep prices down while offering a huge variety of calibers and configurations for their customers.

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