Hornady Critical Duty Awarded FBI 9mm Full Size Service Ammunition Contract
May 9, 2022

Grand Island, NE — Hornady® has been awarded a Fixed Price Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) agreement with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for its 9mm+P Luger 135 gr. Critical Duty ammunition.

“Having our 9mm+P 135 gr. Critical Duty selected for 2 consecutive 9mm FBI contracts showcases the hard work and dedication our team puts forward to provide the finest law enforcement ammunition available” said Scott Javins, Hornady LE/Military Product Manager.

Critical Duty is loaded with the tough Hornady FlexLock® bullet that delivers “barrier blind” performance when shot through common urban barriers. The patented FlexLock bullet incorporates two revolutionary Hornady features, delivering superior barrier penetration and consistent performance in FBI tactical handgun ammunition tests.

The patented Hornady Flex Tip design eliminates clogging and aids bullet expansion. A large mechanical jacket-to-core InterLock® band works to keep the bullet and core from separating for maximum weight retention, excellent expansion, consistent penetration, and terminal performance through all FBI test barriers.

Other features of Critical Duty that make it desirable for law enforcement, such as the FBI, include its bright nickel-plated cases, which simplify chamber checks in reduced light; and low-flash, clean burning propellants, which preserves night vision in low-light firing.

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