Mathews Launches 2024 Hunting Bows And Accessories
November 20, 2023

Sparta, Wisconsin - The 2024 LIFT checks all the boxes. At sub-4 pounds, this next generation of hunting bows utilizes the all-new SwitchWeight X Cam delivering speeds up to 348 FPS while remaining deadly quiet. The LIFT features reimagined RPD limbs and a new top axle system for lightweight stability. Everything put into the 2024 LIFT is made to deliver a higher standard of bowhunting - guaranteed.

“We started from the ground-up with new cams, limbs, limb cups, riser, and strings all working in perfect unison to create something the hunting world has never seen before,” stated Mark Hayes, Design Engineering Manager. “Every component of the bow got faster, more efficient, and most importantly, lighter. We managed to build a bow under four pounds without sacrificing the stability and accuracy required by the most dedicated hunters in the world”.

SwitchWeight X (SWX) Cam

The completely redesigned SWX Cam is the powerhouse of the 2024 LIFT. A steady stacking draw cycle results in a solid, locked-in backwall, providing unrivaled consistency and accuracy while delivering speeds up to 348 FPS. Compatible with SwitchWeight mods, the SWX Cam offers more versatility than ever with draw weights ranging from 55 to 80 lbs and draw lengths as low as 24.5” on the LIFT 29.5 and up to 31.5” on the LIFT 33. Unlike rotating mods, SwitchWeight mods are programmed to deliver maximum efficiency at each draw weight and length. The SWX Cam ensures peak performance tailored to every archer on the range or in the field.

Proprietary Limb & Axle Design

The LIFT features a new top-mounted axle system that maximizes the working surface area of the limbs while cutting weight and increasing stability across the entire platform. Paired with Resistance Phase Damping™ technology which tackles excess vibration directly at the source, this new limb design results in a stealthy and extremely stable shooting experience unlike any other hunting bow.

“The top-mounted axle system expanded our possibilities for limb design,” stated Hayes. “We were able to increase the working area of the limbs which allowed us to cut weight in key areas while improving overall performance”.

New Riser Geometry

The skeletonized aluminum riser cuts weight while providing an extremely rigid and stable platform. It offers all the weight savings of a carbon riser with none of the structural vulnerabilities that make carbon bows fragile. The result is an ultra-lightweight riser made to withstand the toughest hunting conditions.

Shot Sense™

New for 2024, Mathews Shot Sense™ aims to make you a better archer by recording your shot data and providing advanced feedback through the Shot Sense™ app. Shot Sense™ integrates directly into the riser of your bow and is compatible with 2023 and newer Mathews models. Advanced shot data technology allows you to track the movement of your bow throughout your shot sequence, enabling you to compare every shot on the range, in the field, or wherever your bow takes you.

Bridge-Lock™ Technology

Mathews proprietary Bridge-Lock™ Technology allows both a dovetail sight and the Mathews Bridge-Lock™ Stabilizer to be mounted directly through the riser of the LIFT. Bridge-Lock™ creates a more robust connection for your bow accessories that results in a fully setup rig that is streamlined, better balanced and quieter than ever before.

QAD UltraRest® Integrate MX2

Mathews teamed up with Quality Archery Design (QAD) to introduce the all-new UltraRest® Integrate MX2. This compact, micro-adjust rest was designed specifically for Mathews bows with a dovetail mounting system for quick and easy setup while providing a secure hold. The streamlined housing allows for precision tuning with .0019 thousandths of an inch adjustment per click, both horizontally and vertically. Equipped with a redesigned launcher and arrow containment arm, the UltraRest® Integrate MX2 is the best arrow rest for your Mathews bow.

Engage® EXO Limb Legs®

Simple, silent, and easy to use, the new Engage® EXO Limb Legs® balance the bow without the cam or stabilizer needing to touch the ground. Engineered around the geometry of the bow, the new lightweight, ergonomic design brings a whole new level of balance and precision to your hunting setup.

The LIFT is available in 29.5” or 33” axle-to-axle lengths. The LIFT 29.5 has a 6” brace height and accommodates draw lengths from 24.5”-30”. The LIFT 33 has a 6.5” brace height and accommodates draw lengths from 26”–31.5”.

The LIFT is available in twelve finish options, including Mathews newest options - Earth, Mossy Oak Bottomland, and the all-new Fade-to-Black series. The Fade-to-Black Series is available in three options: Earth/Black, Granite/Black, and Green Ambush/Black. You can find more information on the 2024 LIFT and new accessory line at and experience them today at your local Mathews Retailer.