Urge Media is proud to announce the renewal of long-time producer partner Whitetail Freaks
May 15, 2023

Whitetail Freaks is a premiere hunting television show airing on Outdoor Channel, with hosts Don and Kandi Kisky, who have been thrilling audiences for decades as they pursue world class whitetails in the heart of big buck country, Southern Iowa.

Urge Media is the marketing leader in the outdoor industry, handling and distributing media assets across the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman’s Channel, and Pursuit Channel, along with a wide range of social and digital platforms.

Urge has placed high quality clients such as Sportsman’s Guide, QuietKat, and High Mountain Seasonings. These clients will have commercials, billboards, mini-skits, product placement, and social and digital assets represented by Whitetail Freaks.

Widely regarded as two of the best whitetail strategists, the Kiskys entertain, educate and inspire hunting enthusiasts all over North America. With many Boone and Crocket animals to their credit, the Kiskys know exactly what it takes to not only manage trophy class whitetails but how to routinely get in close to these monarchs. Both Don and Kandi Kisky are deeply revered and widely respected for sharing their passion of whitetail hunting with television viewers and magazine readers for over 20 years.

Urge continues to grow and expand and are glad to have Whitetail Freaks a part of their team. Urge is powering brands to the forefront of the industry. Do the same for your brand behind the power of Urge.