Fiocchi USA and Baschieri & Pellagri to Introduce New Shotshell Wad Technology
January 23, 2023

January 2023 - Fiocchi, a global leader in defensive, target, and hunting ammunition along with Baschieri & Pellagri USA, manufacturer of the world's premiere shotshells for sporting clays and hunting, are excited to announce the latest technology in the companies' EnviroShield initiative.

Recognizing that hunters and sporting shooters are the frontline stewards of our wild lands and wildlife, both Fiocchi USA and Baschieri & Pellagri USA have committed to developing ammunition that has minimal to zero environmental impact. Having already led the way in pioneering lead- and zinc-free primers, as well as incorporating non-toxic shot and centerfire projectiles across their various product lines, both companies are looking forward to introducing the next phase of sustainable and environmentally safe shotshell ammunition components—GreenCore wad technology.

GreenCore is a biodegradable shotshell wad that decomposes on exposure to bacteria naturally present in the environment. Equally important, these wads do not simply break down into smaller, micro-plastics but are 100-percent biodegradable, leaving behind no particles or toxic residue. Furthermore, the wads are denser than water, allowing them to sink quickly and initiate the decomposition process.

As for performance, nothing is lost with GreenCore wads. Only the best-performing wads are incorporated into Fiocchi and B&P shotshells, and the GreenCore wads continue that tradition with their environmentally neutral composition. These wads hit all the expected ballistic standards with technical performance in line with or better than traditional plastic wads and do so regardless of temperature and humidity.

Fiocchi USA and Baschieri & Pellagri USA are committed to helping hunters and shooters reduce and ultimately eliminate negative impact on wild habitats and the wild game they hold. Just look for the EnviroShield logo on select Fiocchi and B&P ammo boxes and help preserve the great outdoors for future generations.

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About Fiocchi:

Since 1983, Fiocchi of America has been based in Ozark, Missouri. As a stand-alone US-based arm of the greater Fiocchi global brand, Fiocchi of America continues to integrate and launch new products directed towards the US market. In 2020, Fiocchi furthers its expansion of products in the hunting, conceal carry, self-defense, and law enforcement market channels. Fiocchi offers a full portfolio of target and hunting shotshells, centerfire rifle and pistol ammunition, match and standard grade rimfire .22LR, specialty and classic cartridges, reloading components and blanks.