Galco's SB24 Center Post Flat Back Buckle Holster Belt!
February 26, 2024

Galco's SB24 Center Post Flat Buckle Holster Belt is now available!

An excellent companion to the Big Iron Belt Holster, the SB24 features Galco’s Center post buckle design and double rows of stitching.

The Center Post buckle is a design within our Flat Back Belt Collection. The open-architecture buckle is investment cast in our in-house foundry. Its unique post-style attachment allows it to lie flat for a neat and crisp appearance. The buckle is solid brass on tan belts, nickel-plated solid brass on black belts.

The Flat Back name is derived from how flat the belt sits when worn, compared to traditional mechanical or plate buckle belts. Traditional belts require the leather strap to be wrapped around the buckle attachment point, creating three belt layers when worn, versus only two layers with the Flat Back Belt design.

The belt strap is constructed of two layers of steerhide with a double row of stitching. Seven holes spaced 1" apart allow a broad range of fit and adjustment.

Available in tan with a solid brass buckle, or black with a nickel-plated solid brass buckle.

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