The Cianciarulos Cross the Northern Border Again
May 15, 2023

It’s been a long time since the Cianciarulos have headed north to bear down on some black bears! So we invite you all to follow them @ralphandvicki on all social media platforms for their North of the Border Tour as they take their Brownings and Hoyts with them;

Trophy West Outfitters, on Vancouver Island, is where they’ve been hunting for over 20 years spot & stalking Big Island Black bears with the crew!

Then they head to Alberta to introduce Aubrey on her first ever black bear archery hunt with Antlerhill Outfitters.

They wrap up the North of the Border Spring tour way up north in Saskatchewan

at Cree River Lodge. Hunting with Canada’s own outdoor writer Brad Fenson!

Stay connected as they will be posting as much as possible during the tour.

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