ZeroTech Optics Welcomes Eddie Davenport as Brand Ambassador for Black Powder Precision Shooting
February 26, 2024

Nashville, TN – ZeroTech Optics, a leading innovator in precision optics, is thrilled to announce the addition of Eddie Davenport to its team of brand ambassadors. Eddie, a celebrated marksman in the realm of black powder precision shooting, brings a wealth of experience, skill, and a remarkable track record of success to the ZeroTech family.

Eddie Davenport is not just a competitor; he is a champion many times over. With eight national titles under his belt from the North-South Skirmish Association, Eddie has demonstrated time and again his exceptional talent and dedication to the sport of black powder shooting. His achievements have made him a respected figure and an inspiration to many in the competitive shooting community.

In a recent display of his extraordinary abilities, Eddie clinched the title of "Ultimate Marksman" on the competition television show "Mountain Man: Ultimate Marksman," which aired on the History Channel this year. Competing against some of the nation's finest marksmen, Eddie's victory in this challenging environment is a testament to his skill, precision, and mental fortitude.

Looking ahead, Eddie is set to represent the United States on the international stage as a proud member of the United States International Muzzleloading Team. Competing in Italy at the 2024 World Championship, Eddie will don the Team USA colors, aiming to bring home success and further establish his legacy in the global arena of black powder marksmanship.

Ben Clarke, CMO of ZeroTech Optics, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, "Eddie Davenport embodies the spirit of precision, excellence, and passion that ZeroTech Optics stands for. We are honored to have him join our team as a brand ambassador. His achievements and dedication to the sport at National levels is truly inspiring, and we look forward to supporting him on his journey to international success."

Black powder fans and followers can stay connected with Eddie and follow his journey to the World Championship by connecting with him on Instagram at [Instagram Handle: @blackpowdertherapist]. Through his social media, Eddie shares insights into his training, competitions, and the art of black powder shooting, offering a glimpse into the life of a champion marksman.

ZeroTech Optics is proud to support Eddie Davenport as he continues to inspire and lead in the world of Black Powder marksmanship. Together, we aim to elevate the sport and bring the precision and quality of ZeroTech Optics to shooters around the globe.

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