The Provider Cookbook Flying Off Shelves Forcing Second Printing
February 26, 2024

Sparks, NV The Provider is thrilled to announce the unprecedented second printing of their best-selling cookbook, The Provider Cookbook. The book has gained massive popularity, and with copies flying off shelves, the book's success has earned a second printing to keep up with demand.

Organic Game, The Future of Healthy Eating is Now!

The cookbook, co-written by the host of the world's number one waterfowl television show, Chad Belding, and infamous UFC star and hunting enthusiast, Chad Mendez, delivers a completely immersive experience into the world of providing through hunting and wild game cooking. The combined muscle of Mendez, the relentless spirit and drive of Belding, and ingenious photography by Tom Rassuchine came together to birth a never-before-seen masterpiece. With breathtaking photography on every page, hunting stories with family and friends, tales of providing, and recipes passed down for generations, the cookbook is where passion for hunting and providing meets true culinary mastery.

“The Provider mentality has been received so well that our cookbook has gone into its second printing! We are truly blessed to have been taught the ways of the men and women who came before us to live off the land. My parents instilled in us at an early age how important respect for the resource and compassion for the animals we pursue are. Now we have the chance to pass these beliefs down to our children and other future generations of hunters, fishers, and gatherers! The Provider Cookbook is a collection of our most treasured recipes we’ve learned around the world, and we are so proud to keep them alive through this book!”

Chad Belding

Recipes Everyone Will Love

The recipes are easy to follow and straightforward, even for the novice wild game cook. With rave reviews across the country and even reaching Amazon’s best-seller list, the book has exploded in popularity due to its outstanding, perfected recipes and one-of-a-kind artistry. The cookbook makes the perfect gift for anyone interested in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, or who just loves to cook with creativity. Pick up a copy of The Provider Cookbook today at