Fiocchi Introduces New 4.6x30mm Defense Round
January 23, 2023

January 2023 - Fiocchi, a global leader in defensive, target, and hunting ammunition, has added an extension to its Hyperformance line of centerfire ammo. The new 4.6x30mm Hyperformance cartridge joins the FMJ Range Dynamics and jacketed soft point Defense Dynamics cartridges for this proven chamber.

For 2023, the 4.6x30mm enters the Fiocchi Hyperformance line with a tipped hollow point. This design delivers exceptional ballistics from a high-velocity, low-recoil round while ensuring the kind of terminal performance demanded in defensive ammunition.

Developed for personal defense carbines, the new Hyperformance 4.6x30mm boasts a 38-grain bullet. The cartridge comes in 50-round boxes with ten boxes per case.

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About Fiocchi:

Since 1983, Fiocchi of America has been based in Ozark, Missouri. As a stand-alone US-based arm of the greater Fiocchi global brand, Fiocchi of America continues to integrate and launch new products directed towards the US market. In 2020, Fiocchi furthers its expansion of products in the hunting, conceal carry, self-defense, and law enforcement market channels. Fiocchi offers a full portfolio of target and hunting shotshells, centerfire rifle and pistol ammunition, match and standard grade rimfire .22LR, specialty and classic cartridges, reloading components and blanks.