The Headrest Safe Company, LLC Announces Irving Meisler as Chief Executive Officer  
September 12, 2022

Homewood, Alabama – (August 12, 2022) The Headrest Safe Company, LLC, innovators of the ultimate discreet vehicle safe storage system, is proud to announce Irving Meisler as Chief Executive Officer. Meisler is the founder of The Headrest Safe Company and assumes the role of CEO.

Meisler attended the University of Alabama and graduated with a major in finance. After college, he worked for the family apartment development company. His focus was on construction and how to improve the quality while keeping prices down. Eight years later, Meisler started his own development company in Georgia.

In 1995, his company and the family company merged all of their apartments with a real estate investment trust. He then moved back to Alabama where he continued construction and development. Some of his houses were so unique they were featured in several publications; even one in an architectural magazine.

When Meisler retired, his favorite outdoor activities were golf, tennis, shooting sports. Other creative hobbies include ceramics and resin art. Meisler‘s creativity and desire to protect precious things in his life led him to design The Headrest Safe™.

As the CEO of The Headrest Safe Company, Meisler is the team leader and visionary who comes up with the design ideas and works closely with the product engineers to get the working plans. He also likes having a hand in the manufacturing because it is like construction, and that still excites him.

“When it comes to carrying your valuables or firearms in your vehicle, most people feel they have to choose between safety and convenience,” said Irving Meisler, CEO, The Headrest Safe Company. “With The Headrest Safe™, you can have the best of both worlds; peace of mind that it is secure plus rapid access when you need it most.”

Keep your valuables and firearms safe and secure with The Headrest Safe™. You never have to worry about taking your valuables or firearms with you again. The Headrest Safe™ utilizes the best quality materials available, so you can count on your safe being extremely tough. With three ways to open your safe (thumbprint, key, and code), you’ll have rapid access to your gun or valuables using the secure method of entry that you choose. Make sure your valuables are where you want them, when you need them.

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About The Headrest Safe Company, LLC

As the innovator of the headrest safe industry, our mission is to provide the most robust, discreet vehicle safe storage system on the market. Doing so, we have provided peace of mind that your firearm or valuables are safe and secure; all the while allowing rapid access when you need it most. We utilize the most advanced materials available today.

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