Global Defense Pistols Now Available Through Distribution Partners Amchar And Sports South
April 15, 2024

April 8, 2024 - Pompano Beach, FL – Global Defense™, a leading U.S.-based importer, exporter, and wholesale distributor of firearms, components, accessories, ammunition, and specialized equipment for commercial, military, and law enforcement markets, proudly announces the availability of two exclusive new Global Defense branded pistols—the SA-9 9mm and the 1911 Thunderbolt Signature Series custom .45 ACP through distribution partnerships with AmChar Wholesale Inc. and Sports South, LLC.


“AmChar Wholesale and Sports South are essential partners of Global Defense,” stated CEO Jordan Young. “Their commitment to excellent customer service and logistics makes them significant, and we’re thrilled to offer our flagship products through them.”

“The new SA-9 Combat Pistol and 1911 Thunderbolt Signature Series .45 ACP reflect our dedication to innovation in our Global Defense-branded firearms and supporting independent retailers with unique offerings,” Young added.

Global Defense SA-9 Combat Pistol

The unique hybrid pistol features AR-15 ergonomics, an MP5-compatible magazine, and precision fire controls powered by an efficient blowback operating system.

Global Defense 1911 Thunderbolt Signature Series Pistol

An exclusive collection of custom 1911s, each uniquely numbered, fully Cerakoted, and adorned with laser engravings on the grip and magazine. Four compelling designs include Freedom 1776, Don’t Tread on Me, Zombie Killer, and The Booby Trap.

Global Defense encourages dealers interested in the new Global Defense pistols to reach out to AmChar Wholesale Inc. or Sports South, LLC. “Their extensive distribution network and stellar reputation for efficiency is a bonus for independent retailers,” Young Added.

For more information about Global Defense, visit or contact CEO Jordan Young at +1-954-532-7621 or

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About Sports South:

Sports South, LLC, established as the nation's oldest and largest distributor of firearms, ammunition, and accessories, maintains its leadership position through innovative strategies and a dedication to driving long-term success and growth. With the largest concentration of shooting sports inventory from leading manufacturers under one roof, Sports South delivers unmatched distribution services to its customers nationwide.

About AmChar Wholesale Inc.

Established in 1980, AmChar Wholesale has emerged as a premier firearms distributor in the United States, catering to law enforcement agencies and independent dealers. Their warehouse boasts over 200 leading brands featuring firearms, ammunition, and accessories. The inventory extends to optics, holsters, tactical gear, and more. Renowned as one of the largest law enforcement distributors nationwide, they prioritize competitive pricing and customer relationships.

Global Defense Logo

About Global Defense

Global Defense, a U.S.-based firm, is a premier Importer, Exporter, and Wholesale Distributor specializing in firearms, parts/components/accessories, ammunition, and specialized equipment. With a commitment to serving commercial, military, and law enforcement markets, Global Defense proudly holds all necessary licenses, registrations, and certifications. Our operations span the highly regulated international defense industry, ensuring compliance and upholding a stringent code of conduct. OUR MISSION: At Global Defense, we are dedicated to facilitating the seamless flow of products from manufacturers to end-users. As a trusted player in the industry, we prioritize maintaining the highest standards of legality and ethical business practices. Our comprehensive approach and experience encompass all marketplace aspects, making us a reliable partner for customers worldwide. OUR VISION: Global Defense aspires to be the epitome of excellence, offering complete global solutions to our industries. Grounded in principles of integrity, trust, and unwavering commitment, we strive to deliver exceptional service to our clients and partners across the globe.