Offer Unique Experiences to
Build Brand Loyalty
September 11, 2023

TBA Outdoors, an outdoor industry marketing agency, is continually answering a host of questions and concerns from our clients. We thought that we would share some of our curated content on a myriad of topics from social media to marketing strategies to utilizing influencers and all things in between.

We are going to first explore what it takes to build strong brand loyalty.

In the outdoor industry, brand loyalty can make or break a company’s success. According to HubSpot, 93% of consumers say that they’re willing to make repeat purchases with a brand when they are loyal to that brand. With so many options for consumers to choose from, it’s crucial for outdoor lifestyle brands to not only attract customers but also keep them coming back for more.

For outdoor lifestyle brands, building brand loyalty means creating a connection with customers that goes beyond just selling them gear. It’s about understanding their needs, values, and desires and creating products and experiences that align with those things. When customers feel like a brand truly understands and cares about them, they’re more likely to stick with that brand over time.

How can your brand work to build brand loyalty?

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