Bear Forest Knives Introduces Lends its Namesake to its Newest Offering: The Bear
March 6, 2023

Palm Desert, CA (March 1, 2023) – Bear Forest Knives lends its namesake to their new offering to introduce—The Bear. Just don’t call it Junior. The hefty sheath knife captures the spirit of the butcher knives carried by ‘old-timey’ Mountain Men.

Rustic in appearance, this medium-sized belt knife can be used as a hunting or general woods/camp knife. The Bear features a 4.5-inch 80CrV2 high carbon steel blade meant for toughness and ease of sharpening. The tumbled acid wash finish looks aged and will be enhanced as a natural patina forms.

The saber grind keeps the blade thin enough to excel at slicing, while the extra meat near the spine makes the .125” (1/8”) thick blade tough and resilient as a Bear. There’s no need to be shy about batoning the Bear through seasoned hardwood in the absence of an axe. The added 90-degree spine scrapes tinder and a ferro rod with authority. And it peels carrots and spuds for real camp cooking.

Comfort first. If you are apprehensive about knives with small handles, this is the one for YOU. A nearly 5-inch handle offers plenty of room for extra-large and gloved hands. The oval cross-sectioned accommodates anyone worried about hot spots from sharp angles and finger grooves. For a secure textured grip, carry The Bear proudly sporting black or green burlap micarta, or keep it natural with red oak scales.

As a change of pace, Bear Forest Knives chose leather pants to compliment the essence of The Bear. The illustrious brown leather sheath is made by JRE Industries and includes a Dangler & Ferro Loop. Like The Bear, JRE Industries is made in the USA.


Overall Length: 9.375"

Blade Length: 4.5"

Thickness: .125” (1/8”)

Steel: 80CrV2 High Carbon

90-Degree Spine

Grind: Saber

Finish: Acid Wash

Handle Scales: Red Oak, Black Burlap, or Green Burlap

Sheath: JRE Industries Leather Sheath (with Dangler & Ferro Loop) Brown

U.S.A Made

MSRP: $179.99

Bear Forest knives are made of high carbon steel and will stain/oxidize if not properly taken care of, we recommend a good oil and regular maintenance.