See What You’ve Been Missing with Millennium Treestands’ New Antler Shak 30-06 Ground Blind
January 23, 2023

Pearl, MS (January 12, 2023) – New for 2023, Millennium Treestands® Antler Shak 30-06 Ground Blind helps hunters be more successful while on the ground. Packed with innovative features and design, the new Antler Shak 30-06 Ground Blind offers maximum visibility, concealment, and comfort throughout the hunting season.

The new Antler Shak 30-06 is designed to rule the whitetail woods. The blind features six (6) Full-View mesh panels, providing 180º panoramic views while preventing game animals from seeing the hunter inside. The blind also utilizes blacked-out shooting windows, each with an adjustable shooting rest for a steady shot. Additionally, the blacked-out interior helps conceal silhouettes to further protect the hunter from detection.

Ideal for both gun and bow hunting applications, the spacious blind offers plenty of room for multiple hunters and gear. Constructed of water-resistant fabric covering a powder-coated steel frame, the Antler Shak 30-06 is a quiet and durable alternative to hard-side ground blinds. Integrated brush loops help conceal the blind in any environment.

Once hunting season ends, hunters can rapidly take down the Antler Shak 30-06 and store it, avoiding damaging elements in the offseason. This blind will give years of dependable use. Millennium Treestands’ Antler Shak 30-06 Ground Blind answers the call and provides every hunter the best room with a view.

Antler Shak 30-06 Features:

  • Full-View see-through mesh panels
  • Multi-configuration windows for rifle, crossbow, or vertical bow shooting
  • Adjustable height shooting rest at each window
  • Brush in loops
  • Blind is constructed with heavy-duty, water-resistant soft-shell material
  • Heavy-duty, powder-coated steel frame
  • Includes ground stakes

Antler Shak 30-06 Specs:

  • Model # - GB-030-06
  • UPC # - 850002711639
  • Material - Powder-coated steel/fabric
  • Weight - 80 lbs.
  • Blind Dimensions - 6’3” H x 4’ W x 6’ L