TekMat Introduces new GLOCK® Specific Gunsmithing Mats
May 9, 2022

Irving, TX TekMat, an industry leader for gun cleaning and gunsmithing mats, is proud to announce their new line of GLOCK® gunsmithing mats for GLOCK® 42/43, GEN 3, and G44 models.

Designed to keep firearm components organized and protect workbenches, the new TekMat GLOCK® mats feature dye sublimation printing diagrams and parts listings of the specific firearm to aid in takedown and reassembly. This ultra-soft, oil- and water-resistant gunsmithing mat’s 11" x17" size provides enough room to fully disassemble a handgun with extra room for tools and accessories. TekMats also include non-skid neoprene backing to secure the workspace to a workbench or table while keeping harmful chemicals, oil, and dirt from penetrating down to finished surfaces. The mat is pliable and will easily roll up for compact storage.

Every TekMat is proudly designed and manufactured in the great state of Texas. Each mat is a complimentary accessory to your firearms.