Nimrod Education Center Launches Newsletter to Promote Hunting and Angling Heritage in America
May 15, 2023

HILLSDALE, Mich. — The Hillsdale College Nimrod Education Center is proud to announce the launch of its new newsletter dedicated to promoting the heritage of hunting and angling in America. The only college program of its kind in the United States, the Nimrod Education Center aims to educate citizens about the benefits of hunting and fishing as well as the important role of those practices throughout American history.

“Hunting and angling are not just enjoyable pastimes but also essential means of conservation that help preserve our natural resources,” said Al Stewart, director of the Nimrod Education Center. “Our goal is to educate citizens about the importance and societal benefits of hunting and angling to the American way of life. This newsletter will help people learn about and participate in our work.”

The Nimrod Education Center teaches citizens how to support conservation efforts for the sake of hunting and fishing. It hosts courses and events in the areas of wildlife management and consumptive sports and provides scholarships for students who participate in hunting, fishing, and Nimrod Education Center activities.

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