Silencer Central Supports Groundbreaking Bill to Redirect Tax Stamp Revenue for Wildlife Conservation
November 20, 2023

Sioux Falls, South Dakota – November 16, 2023 – Silencer Central, America’s largest silencer dealer, has rallied behind a groundbreaking bill introduced in Congress on November 9, 2023, which aims to redirect tax stamp revenue from the sale of suppressors to vital conservation efforts and expedite the processing of applications.

"The Tax Stamp Revenue Transfer for Wildlife and Recreation Act is a significant milestone for wildlife, hunters and shooting enthusiasts," said Brandon Maddox, CEO of Silencer Central. "By redirecting tax stamp revenue towards conservation efforts and expediting application processing, we are ensuring the sustainability of our natural resources and supporting the growth of shooting sports."

Maddox has been a strong advocate for this bill, recognizing its potential to revolutionize wildlife conservation and recreational activities. Silencer Central is proud to build upon its rich conservation heritage and help improve ballistics, accuracy and safety with its suppressors.

Under the proposed act, 15% of the total revenue generated from tax stamps would be directed towards expediting the processing of suppressor applications by the ATF's National Firearms Act (NFA) division to a maximum of 90 days. This allocation aims to address the lengthy waiting periods faced by applicants, which can currently extend up to a year despite recent efforts to streamline the process.

The remaining 85% of the tax revenue would be allocated to the Pittman Robertson Wildlife Restoration Trust Fund, supporting a wide range of initiatives. These include wildlife conservation, law enforcement, hunter recruitment and more. Additionally, 15% of the revenue would be dedicated to the development, maintenance and operation of recreational shooting ranges.

The Tax Stamp Revenue Transfer for Wildlife and Recreation Act paves the way for a brighter future for both wildlife conservation and recreational shooting.

With a legacy spanning over 18 years, Silencer Central emerged as a pioneer, offering customers a streamlined process for legally obtaining firearm sound suppressors. Today, this industry-leading company plays a vital role in the firearms industry, tirelessly advocating for silencer owners across the nation.

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