Chad Belding and The Provider Life Crew Join Ted Nugent’s “Spirit of the Wild” on Outdoor Channel
June 6, 2022

Each week’s episode to feature a segment with a recipe straight out of The Provider Life cookbook

Sparks, NV – Chad Belding, the outdoorsman and host of “The Fowl Life” now in its 13th season on Outdoor Channel, is excited to announce that he and The Provider Life crew will be making weekly appearances on Ted Nugent’s “Spirit of the Wild” on Outdoor Channel. Each of this season’s 13 original episodes will include a “The Provider” segment, where Ted and his team will introduce Chad to share that week’s recipe. Chad, alongside the rest of The Provider Life crew – including Chad Mendes, Clay Belding, Jennifer Swenson, Alley Beck Stanley, and Joel Kleefisch, will be cooking recipes out of The Provider Life cookbook, and will also showcase The Provider Life rubs.

For hunter/chef Chad Belding and MMA star Chad Mendes, hunting and ethical farming are crucial ways to reinforce our connection to nature. In The Provider Cookbook, Belding and Mendes share recipes and stories to celebrate this way of life and keep it alive for generations to come. Here you’ll find everything from comfort-food classics to more refined cuisine. The Provider brand also includes The Provider Rubs, a line of 10 different spice rubs that will bring out the best in any cut of meat from wild game to store bought. These Rubs have been developed in collaboration with BBQ pitmasters, hunters, and by family secret recipes.

“The Provider mentality is exactly how we live our lives and we take pride in all of our skill sets when it comes to the hunt, the butchering, the processing, and the cooking of wild game meats. We have been living this lifestyle for a long time now and Ted has been living it even longer,” said Chad Belding, Host of “The Fowl Life”. “We are honored and excited to be part of The Nugent Family and we can’t wait to showcase exciting and creative recipes this season on Spirit of the Wild TV! You can expect to see everything from grilling venison to searing duck to smoking ground goose to frying fish! It’s The Provider Life baby and our spirit is flying high!”

“The Nugent tribe is proud to partner with Chad Belding and team celebrating the greatest lifestyle in the great outdoors and the ultimate quality diet that goes with it. The Provide cookbook and array of seasonings, spices and rubs are the best we have ever used on our sacred flesh of venison and various game meats,” added Ted Nugent, Host of “Spirit of the Wild”. “We highly recommend The Provider cookbook and various seasonings, spices and rubs for the ultimate meals of wild game.”

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About Chad Belding:

Born in 1974 in Reno, Nevada Chad Belding is a lifelong sportsman and outdoors enthusiast whose love of the lifestyle was instilled at a very young age by his father Orville Belding. Orville ensured that both Chad and his brothers Clint and Clay were encouraged to evolve an appreciation of the outdoors at every turn, teaching them to camp, hunt, fish, crawdad trap and even cut down their own Christmas trees. Their mother, Faith Belding, was with the family every step of the way. He is the host of “The Fowl Life”, as well as the co-founder of Banded, a video production and merchandising company that specializes in waterfowl hunting gear and accessories as well as a selection of turkey hunting products. Chad also hosts the podcast “This Life Ain’t For Everybody” podcast in, created in 2018.

About Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild:

Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild projects more interest, more excitement, and more passion than any outdoor show in history! Ted Nugent has carved a permanent place in rock & roll history as the ultimate guitar-shredding showman, selling more than 40 million albums, performing over 6,500 high-octane live shows, and continuing to set attendance records at venues around the globe. But that’s just the beginning! A lifelong hunter, Ted is lauded for his nonstop promotion of the shooting sports in major media, and is widely regarded as America’s Number One Pro-Hunting Voice.


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