Fiocchi Expands Golden Turkey TSS Lineup
January 23, 2023

January 2023 - Fiocchi, a global leader in defensive, target, and hunting ammunition, continues to meet the call of avid turkey hunters who appreciate the devastating knockdown power of Tungsten Super Shot. For the 2023 spring gobbler season, Fiocchi adds a second sub-gauge shotshell to its heralded line of Golden Turkey TSS.

The incredibly dense and consistent patterns of TSS have opened an entire new class of lightweight, low-recoil shotguns to the turkey aficionado—namely the .410 shotgun. Now, with more shotgun manufacturers revisiting the 28-gauge platform, Fiocchi steps up to the plate with a Golden Turkey TSS load designed specifically for shotguns chambered in 28-gauge.

The new 28-gauge Golden Turkey TSS is built with the same high-quality components that the line is known for, such as the finest 18g/cc tungsten shot, wads designed to promote tight shot columns, reliable primers, and top-of-the-line hulls. Combined, the Golden Turkey TSS is the winning formula for getting the drop on the toughest toms this spring.

Fiocchi Golden Turkey TSS

  • 12-ga., 3-in., 1 5/8-oz., 1200 fps, #7
  • 12-ga., 3-in., 1 5/8-oz., 1200 fps, #9
  • 20-ga., 3-in. 1 3/8-oz., 1225 fps, #9
  • 28-ga., 3-in., 1 1/16-oz., 1350 fps, #9 (NEW!)
  • .410, 1 3/16-oz., 1100 fps, #9

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About Fiocchi:

Since 1983, Fiocchi of America has been based in Ozark, Missouri. As a stand-alone US-based arm of the greater Fiocchi global brand, Fiocchi of America continues to integrate and launch new products directed towards the US market. In 2020, Fiocchi furthers its expansion of products in the hunting, conceal carry, self-defense, and law enforcement market channels. Fiocchi offers a full portfolio of target and hunting shotshells, centerfire rifle and pistol ammunition, match and standard grade rimfire .22LR, specialty and classic cartridges, reloading components and blanks.