QuietKat, First Lite, and the National Deer Association Team Up
September 11, 2023

QuietKat, the trailblazer in outdoor adventure and eBike technology, is thrilled to announce they have united their strengths with First Lite and the National Deer Association (NDA). Together they’re announcing a new tool to both raise money for conservation and to silently hunt this year: The QuietKat E-Bike First Lite Specter.

The QuietKat E-Bike First Lite Specter combines QuietKat's engineering prowess and manufacturing with First Lite's Specter Camo design. This electric bike packs a punch with its 1000-watt hub-drive motor, boasting an impressive 48-mile range and unmatched off-road performance. Perfect for year-round scouting, land management, and reaching those remote hunting spots, it can carry up to 325 pounds. With adjustable front suspension, 7-speed gearing, and powerful brakes, it's ready for any terrain and powerful enough to make your pack-out incredibly easy.

But this collaboration is about more than just tech. Eight percent of every QuietKat E-bike First Lite Specter sale (4% QuietKat and 4% First Lite) will go to the NDA. This contribution will directly provide to initiatives securing a sustainable future for wild deer, preserving wildlife habitats, and safeguarding hunting for generations to follow. As a gesture of appreciation, we are also including the "Camo for Conservation" hat with every bike purchase, allowing you to proudly show your support of the National Deer Association.

From QuietKat, First Lite and the National Deer Association, we wish you good luck in the field this year.

For further details about the QuietKat E-Bike First Lite Specter and this innovative partnership, please visit the website here.