Introducing FREQ, the ?rst ultrasonic (full spectrum) electronic game call
April 15, 2024

For years, game-calling expert Gary Roberson has observed animals silently communicating. Eventually, curiosity got the best of him, and he ?nally decided to do some research. That’s when he discovered ultrasonic sound and the fact that virtually all animals hear much higher frequencies than humans.

Interestingly, Roberson, who brought us the ?rst digital e-caller, noticed he had more success with hand calls than with calls. Testing showed that many hand calls produce sounds reaching the ultrasonic realm. Further testing proved that wild prey animals emit sounds that go well into the ultrasonic range. This even further con?rmed what Roberson suspected: that ultrasonic sound was the answer!

Unfortunately, creating “full spectrum” ultrasonic sound essentially meant starting over. Roberson discovered that you cannot simply transform existing call sounds into full-spectrum ultrasonic calls. Instead, it meant developing the appropriate ultrasonic recording equipment, recording all of the needed sounds, and then building speakers capable of playing ultrasonic sound.

It meant reinventing electronic game calls, which is exactly what Gary did! But it did not happen overnight. Finally, after several years of product development, FREQ® Ultrasonic Game Calls were born!

Full spectrum sound that fools the wariest critters around (stunning results: 50% to 100% more stand success, far more aggressive responses, far fewer hang ups and warning barks)

Even Gary was shocked by his remarkable animal reaction to his new FREQ Ultrasonic Caller. His stand success doubled! The aggressiveness of the responses was immediately noticeable and off the charts! Animals came running in without hanging up. He almost never heard the alarm barks anymore. And, most notably, he was able to harvest predators on property that had been heavily hunted, and many of them were wily old, toothless critters that had been previously unkillable.

But when you think about it, this really shouldn’t come as a big surprise. For the ?rst time ever, thanks to FREQ®, you can truly emulate the real sounds of both predator and prey. Before FREQ®, you were using only a partial range of their sound and nothing in the high-frequency end of their range. To the animals, you were really speaking a foreign language, or at least a broken language. Not anymore!

Recorded with ultrasonic recording equipment and played through exclusive TrueCast speakers for long-range performance

FREQ® Ultrasonic Game Calls feature a wide array of real animal sounds recorded with special ultrasonic recording equipment and then played back through FREQ’s two premium TrueCast ultrasonic speakers, one of which plays into the ultrasonic range. This exclusive combination gives you full-spectrum sound and the ability to call gameswith never-before-achieved realism.

The low-frequency TrueCast speaker achieves excellent de?nition and clarity in low bass and mid-range sound. The high-frequency TrueCast speaker produces incredibly clear and smooth high-frequency sound, which is a must for an ultrasonic call. Even though you can’t hear ultrasonic frequencies, thanks to these premium TrueCast speakers, you’ll still instantly notice the remarkable clarity of a FREQ® u-call!

While low-frequency sound tends to travel farther, testing has shown that high-frequency sounds produced by FREQ® can travel over 400 yards. So FREQ® will work just as well or better than ordinary e-callers at long distances and dramatically better at medium and short distances where predators tend to be more wary and more likely to hang up.

FREQ® is capable of playing sounds up to 50kHz, and all of the available distress calls, for example, go way into the ultrasonic range. This compared to ordinary e-callers that all peak out at 17 to 18 kHz.

Comes pre-loaded with two hundred-plus sounds with the capacity for 1,000+ sounds. FREQ® Ultrasonic Calls come loaded with 200-plus sounds, most of which are ultrasonic, enough to allow you to hunt a variety of different game using a variety of calls. Then, as we make them available, you can download additional call sounds free of charge.

Includes custom call sequences developed for you by Gary Roberson. FREQ® also comes with three "pro" sequences, developed by Gary Roberson himself: one for coyotes, one for bobcats, and one for foxes. These sequences run for roughly 15 minutes each. This makes a FREQ® Ultrasonic Game Call immediately useful for inexperienced callers and gives expert callers a good alternative to their favorite sequences. Additional pro sequences will be available.

Additional features:

“All-Day” Battery Life – FREQ® comes with two premium All-Day NiMh rechargeable batteries which are designed to last a long time so it will keep you calling all day long. In fact, testing shows you can get up to three to ?ve days of hard calling on a single charge!

“Dual Power” Design—Should the rechargeable battery in your FREQ® u-call run out of juice in the ?eld or you forget to recharge, the call can also take 6 D-cell batteries, which let you continue to hunt.

“MasterMind” Remote - In too many cases, the remote that comes with electronic game calls seem like a design afterthought. We designed the FREQ® MasterMind remote to be amazingly easy and intuitive to use. Locating call options and changing sequences is simple. The remote will operate for several days on a single set of three AA batteries. You’ll ?nd it easy to change the light setting, which defaults to yellow but can be changed to red or white. And, for those with older eyes, the font is large enough to read without cheaters.

Built-in “Clever Case” - Buy most electronic game calls, and you’ll need also to buy a carrying case for that call. Or you’ll end up bringing a net along to cover up the shiny plastic call, so the incoming game won’t spook. A FREQ® u-call is built into a custom rugged camo carrying case that hides and protects your call while also providing ample storage for the remote, backup batteries, and easy-to-forget things like gloves, face covers, ammunition, and more. An integrated shoulder strap makes transport easy. A bug-out accessory bag is included.

A FREQ® Ultrasonic Game Call is covered by a two-year warranty and comes with a 30-day performance guarantee.

MSRP for the revolutionary FREQ® Ultrasonic Game Call is $1,999.00. For more information, please visit